Celestia Adams

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat Ex Animo


Her strengths:
Library use 60
Locksmith 40
Medicine 25
First Aid 40
Spot Hidden 35
Credit Rating 60
Italian 31
Occult 45

Owner of Lord Thomas Pellgraine’s Notes.


A close personal friend of Florence Farr, partly because like Florence, she is a graduate of the Cheltenham Ladies College. Now a schoolteacher and skilled scholar, as a child she spent many years in Florence, Italy with her parents. Her father worked at the British Consulate there for 7 years. This comedic coincidence began a conversation that led to the friendship between the two women, who have much philosophy in common. She is an ardent feminist and intellectual.

As she is expected to be able to handle the scrapes and dings of childhood mishaps, she has a fair knowledge of First Aid. She learned lockpicking and the Italian language to a useable degree while living in Italy. There she had a friend who was keen about sneaking into the old crypts and chambers of the Cathedrals, which sometimes required getting around and through locked gates. She had a mystical experience one night while in the Crypt of the Duomo which influences her current interest in the occult and unseen realms.

It was as a child in Italy that she learned of her affection for symbols and her own skill in artistic ways of putting complex concepts. She is a skilled cartomancer, a hobby observed in gypsy stalls by the marketplace. Because of her family’s connections to the diplomatic class, she has a high credit rating for a young woman.

She is a Zelator level member of the Golden Dawn.

Celestia Adams

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