Inheritor of a Dying World,
we call thee to the Living Beauty.

Wanderer in the Wild Darkness,
we call thee to the Gentle Light.

Long hast thou dwelt in Darkness -
Quit the Night and seek the Day.

It is the autumn of 1893 – and it is the Autumn of Empire in London. Players take the role of fin de si├Ęcle students of the occult and members of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Expect lots of: absinthe, opium, pentagrams, Tarot readings over tea, Suffragettes, Fabians, poets, mouldering tomes of forbidden knowledge, sanity-blasting horrors from beyond time and space, fog, and (of course) gaslight.

Information on the Golden Dawn and creating Order members can be found in the Player’s History and The Outer Order Curriculum, respectively. The Main Page of the Campaign Wiki contains further links of interest, both mechanical and cultural.

Tears of sorrow flood the land.
All that has been shall be again.
The dead will rise and the living must depart.
What if all you’ve seen are lies
When the veil is from your eyes
And you face the infinite with fear in your heart?

The Veil of Isis

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